Organizing Committee, Member Groups and Individual Volunteers:



The German Pavilion at Heritage Festival cannot happen without many hours of hard work from dedicated
volunteers...planning, organizing, set up and take down, pitching in where ever there is a need, dealing with
unpredictable weather, and filling in for unexpected vacant shifts.....we ALL did our best to make it work! 
It was a GREAT SUCCESS!!!!!
Annemarie Juravel - President


 Volunteering is not for the money, nor for the fame,
It's not for any personal gain,
It's just for the love of fellow man and to lend a hand,
It's just a little to give of self, that's something you can't buy with wealth,
It's not for the medal worn with pride,
It's for the feeling deep inside,
It's that reward deep in your heart,
It's the feeling you have been a part of helping others,
That makes you be a VOLUNTEER!

Also, a big thank you to the vendors who worked closely with us to provide the food and supplies needed: