A HEARTFELT THANK YOU to each and every one of our volunteers for making
the German Pavilion a GREAT SUCCESS!  Many of you come back year after year and
some of you, without hesitation, volunteer for more shifts than scheduled!  Just remarkable! 
All of your efforts have not gone unnoticed and are truly very much appreciated!  We look
forward to seeing you at the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ on August 19, 2017,
from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at 3635 - 28 Street NW, Edmonton.  Please bring your own lawn
Annemarie Juravel - President

Welcome/Herzlich Willkommen


The German-Canadian Association of Alberta, in existence since 1966, is the provincial umbrella organization for Alberta's many clubs, choirs, dance and performing arts groups, cultural groups, and language schools which have ties to the various German-speaking groups in this province.

As people of German-language background comprise about 15% of Alberta's total population - making them the second-largest ethnic group in the province - the Association has set itself the task of representing them to each other and to the public at large. Our aim is to foster the sharing of the culture of the several German-speaking groups with the whole of Alberta's society, thereby increasing awareness, knowledge and understanding of Alberta's rich cultural diversity and helping to create a positive atmosphere of co-operation and harmony within the German-speaking and multicultural communities. To accomplish this objective, we assist these groups in their endeavors and contributions to Alberta's social and cultural growth and encourage them to become involved in our programming.

The Association is a registered non-profit organization, representing the interests of Germans in Alberta, seeking to strengthen their contributions to Alberta's growth and diverse culture, and seeking to encourage their participation in public and cultural life. All of this is part of an established goal to create general public awareness of the culture and customs of German-speaking Canadians. Through the activities and programs of the GCAA, all Albertans have the opportunity to share our culture and thereby increase their awareness and understanding of Alberta's cultural diversity.




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